Calligraphy Master

Visiting the Calligraphy Master in his humble workshop in north side of Kunming city in Yunnan province.


Fan De Hui – the calligraphy master and student of famous calligrapher 周慧珺 Zhou Hui Jung
( refer to google for more details ).

Since childhood he was learning and practicing calligraphy as it was tradition in his family. Later studied in Yunnan University where practicing and mastering the calligraphy skills.


After studies he started working in art studio which didn’t make much money and same time doing some private orders to get extra cash which he invested into journeys to various calligraphy exhibitions. In one of them he met his new teacher Zhou Hui Jung . It took him lots of effort to get to her classes but it was worth for him in any aspect.

WechatIMG56Picture from on of the exhibitions , Fan De Hui with his teacher and daughter.

Fan laoshi mastering Yan Zhen Qing,Li,Xing,Weibei and other typefaces, which he passes over to his new students either in the workshop or visiting other school in Yunnan.


open class and exhibition

His works are powerful and come in wide variety structures with a strong visual impact.
Because of his proficiency in Chinese traditional culture , his works are usually done in ancient style poetry with essays.

Participating in many exhibitions in China along with other countries like
Japan and South Korea where he has become popular as well.


calligraphy exhibition in South Korea

We came to visit the master to see his works and get designed the stamps of our shop and some calligraphy designs for our new packaging. We go through the various types of calligraphy and choosing the Han dynasty style for stamps and the classic Xingkai writing for packaging.

Yun Nan Gong Yi – Yunnan Craft and Yuan Cha She – Yuan Tea House , Han Dynasty style.

Drinking very nice tea from old tea trees from masters private collection and admiring other works ( special orders from other customers ).

After cultural enrichment and being doped with some really nice Gu Shu Cha we decided to put some of his works in our online shop.

Fan De Hui profile on Yunnan Craft



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